Aadhar Card for NRI

Aadhaar Card which is also known as an UID or Unique Identification Card should be availed by both residents of India and non-residents of India and for that The Planning Commission of India started a plan which makes sure that every citizen has his own Unique ID Card. The documents and procedure to avail an Aadhar card for NRI’s is same as other Resident of India.

Procedure to get an Aadhaar for NRI’s & Foreigners

  1. The Process to get Aadhar Card is just as same as it is for other Residents of India. First, Go to the official UIDAI website or you can also visit the Aadhaar Enrollment centers near you.
  2. Submit Documents: Now you will have to submit all your documents which prove that you are a Non-Resident of India. The documents which you’ll have to submit are birth certificate, photo ID card and High school certificate.
  3. Connection Proof: If you are an NRI’s then you’ll also have to show the connection to the country which you are living in or holding a Green Card.
  4. The documents will then by checked and verified by the officials.
  5. Finger-Tip Scanning: After the submission of your documents your biometric scanning of all ten fingers will be done in order to make your Unique ID.
  6. Iris Scanning: After the Finger Tips Scanning your Iris Scanning will also be done to remove any further confusion regarding your unique ID.
  7. Photograph: After this the executive in that enrollment center will click your photograph as it will come on your Unique Identification Card or Aadhar Card.

All the above given steps and you can also avail your Unique ID Card even if you are an NRI or a foreign citizen of US, UK, America, Australia etc.